Considering the need for novel therapeutic agents in many diseases, a platform is required where novel chemotherapeutics can be developed and tested quickly and cost effectively. The Department of Medicinal Chemistry (University of Vienna) and the Department of Medicine I, Division of Hematology and Hemostaseology (Medical University of Vienna) established such a platform for accelerated drug optimization in malignant disease (PADO). The main target of PADO is the support of short ways of information and data exchange between compound synthesis, testing and optimization subunits. The research group of Thomas Erker is responsible for drug design, synthesis and optimization. Newly developed compounds are forwarded and tested concerning their biological activities in the research team of Ulrich J├Ąger. Biological data are fed back to the synthesis side and thus influence the optimization process of the compounds. This cluster provides the necessary structure which, based on a tight feedback between synthesis and testing units, allows timesaving and cost effective investigation of novel compounds for the tested malignancies.

Based on our preliminary experience regarding the development of naturally occurring chalcones, which inhibit proliferation of tumor cells in vitro at surprising low concentrations, we aim to establish this cooperative platform for the development of such compounds and explore their therapeutic potential in hematological malignancies.