Increasing evidence from neuroimaging studies suggest an overlap of neuronal regions involved in the processing of language and music, particularly in structural or “syntactic” processing. These observations are summarized in the so called “shared neuronal resources” hypotheses and challenges traditionally held views of music and language as separate modules, occupying non-overlapping brain regions.

This “shared neuronal resources” hypotheses builds the core idea around which this shared neuronal resources cluster (SNR-Cluster) was formed by various groups consisting of physicians, biologists, linguists, physicists, mathematics and phychologists. Together we aim to characterize brain regions involved in language and music using various imaging methods like e.g. fMRI with the goal of disentangling the complex pattern of overlapping neuronal areas.

Contact: Roland Beisteiner
Study Group Clinical fMRI
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Univ.Prof. William Tecumseh Sherman Fitch, PhD
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